Only 3 small-cap funds have experienced fund managers

(All of them deliver alpha)

Experience matters

We found that only three fund managers currently managing a small-cap fund have been managing it for over 10 years.

Important note before checking the list

Returns of S&P BSE 250 Smallcap TRI and regular plans as of February 23, 2024. Returns are for their respective tenures.

R Janakiraman

Fund name: Franklin India Smaller Companies, Tenure: 16 years, Fund’ returns: 16.4%, Benchmark returns: 11.7%

Vinit Sambre

Fund name: DSP Small Cap, Tenure: 13 years 8 months, Fund’s returns: 19.3%, Benchmark returns: 12.3%

Rama Iyer Srinivasan

Fund name: SBI Small Cap, Tenure: 10 years 3 months, Fund’s returns: 27.2%, Benchmark returns: 19.9%

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