Wondering how to update your mutual fund nominees? Here’s a guide.

#1 Create an account

Go to mfcentral.com and sign up for an account if you don't already have one. You'll need to provide your PAN and mobile number.

#2 Log into your account

Login using your PAN and password or through OTP.

#3 Add nominee details

Select the 'Service Request' option and click on 'Update Nominee Details.'

#4 Choose your fund

You'll see all your mutual fund investments, including all your folios linked to your PAN and mobile number. Select a specific fund and click 'Next.'

#5 Editing an existing nominee

Click on the edit symbol (indicated as 1).

#6 Adding a new nominee

To add a new nominee, click 'Add Nominee' (indicated as 2).

#7 How to opt-out of nominating someone?

If you don’t want to add anyone, select 'I do not wish to nominate'.

#8 You’re almost done!

After making the changes, click 'Save.'

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