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Small-cap funds: These funds rose by 43% in the last year. Can they continue this rally? To find out, we do a complete check of these red-hot funds.

Are small-cap funds prepared for a big win ahead? (Page 31)

Find out what are the challenges that lay ahead for small-cap funds and how you can maximise your returns.

Looking to save tax? Here are the six best tax-saving mutual funds (Page 42)

They are handpicked by our analysts. And yes, we explain why these funds remain the best tax-saving option under the old tax regime.

Are multi-cap funds worth your money? (Page 12)

They are now old enough to be judged based on their performance. So, let’s find out if you should invest in them. (The data comparing them with flexi-cap funds will surprise you!)

Profiting from prophet Buffett (Page 16)

We identify 15 mutual funds that have mirrored the Oracle of Omaha’s buy-and-hold mantra to reap rich rewards.

Does it make sense to switch to the old tax regime? (Page 28)

We tackle three questions in one story: i) does switching make financial sense? ii) can you switch at the last minute? and iii) who should opt for the old tax regime?

Be careful of insurance brokers (Page 48)

Shyamali Basu, our guest columnist, recounts with horror how an insurance broker convinced their client to buy 18 insurance policies. EIGHTEEN. A must-read.

Interview with Niket Shah from Motilal Oswal AMC (Page 24)

The renowned fund manager details the reasons their mid-cap fund has beaten the category average for three consecutive years.

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