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Now more than ever, you need to know how your investments are really doing. That's why we present our most powerful portfolio yet. Be in firm control of your investment portfolio with Value Research Portfolio Manager. It automatically updates current market values and enables manual/automatic updation of all kinds of transactions. Provides you with Return on Investment based on your transactions. Also helps you analyse your overall portfolio with Portfolio X-Ray. Fund Compare allows you to quickly evaluate how funds stack up against one another. Helps you know which have the best returns, the highest ratings, the lowest expense ratios and much more.
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 Family Scan
The smart and convenient way to track your selection of funds. Gives you the latest NAVs and returns over five time periods. Know the fund family in detail. See five different views on all the existing funds of the Fund Family.
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 Fund Ratings: Top Rated Funds
The quick and easy way to search funds befitting the criterion you choose. This tool lets you find funds from Value Research fund database of nearly 500 funds. See the top rated funds among all Value Research Rating Categories. Also gives a complete listing of rated funds clubbed under 4-stars, 3-stars, 2-stars and 1-star respectively.
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 Category Compare
The quick and easy way to find the top performing funds. This tool lets you screen and rank Value Research fund database of nearly 500 funds. Quickly compare all funds in a particular Value Research Fund Category. You can even narrow down your search to open-ended and closed-end funds.
 Redeemed Funds
 WoW - Who Owns What
If you cannot find your fund through other search tools available on the site. Your fund could be one of the redeemed funds, so search it from here. Tells you which funds are the major investors in a company.
 Sector Tracker
 Category Average
Now you can search for the funds invested in your choicest sector. Our tool lets you track 15 broad market sectors. See how the open-ended funds in the Value Research Categories performed over time