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Investment ideas for 2022

Wondering where to invest in 2022 and where not to? Stay tuned for the next webinar of Investors’ Hangout as we tell you both.

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12:30 PM

30 Mins

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Key points discussed during the webinar


Investment dos and don’ts for 2022


Where to invest in 2022 for maximum benefit


Investing mistakes to avoid

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Hats off to Value Research for striving to guide people for so many years.


I've been following him for five years. He keeps things simple. I subscribe to Mutual Fund Insight. I would say, he is the best personal finance advisor.


Great team. I always feel VR is like a tortoise (slow and steady, the life of the tortoise is around 150 years). Few other analysts offer overnight trading tips etc., (they are like rabbit. Rabbit runs faster than a tortoise in the short time frame, but rabbit's life span is just 10 years). Maybe tortoise-like investors take time to grow their money. But they compound the money and create a big corpus in a longer duration. Be disciplined.

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  • Right tick Be it queries related to mutual funds, stocks, or tax-saving investments; Value Research will answer them all.
  • Right tick One of the first investment research firms in the country, Value Research is a trusted source of independent investment research, fund ratings, stock information, and mutual funds.
  • Right tick Value Research has the longest and proudest history of helping the Indian saver achieve financial goals.

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