Choose funds using our Fund Compare tool

A proper fund comparison will give you a lot of insight on what is good and what isn't. And we have the perfect tool for you

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Choose funds using our Fund Compare tool

Too Similar Choices
Even though they may appear to be extremely similar, no two funds are exactly the same. Every mutual fund has its own characteristics and attributes that differentiate it from its peers. But one can't blame an investor for getting confused between funds while trying to make an investment choice - more so between schemes from the same fund category. With a high number of fund companies operating in the Indian mutual fund industry, each one of them has several fund options that investors can choose from. All of them put together make selection a harrowing process for the lay investor.

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Compare to Choose
But when the choice has been narrowed down to just two-three funds, selecting one from them becomes easier. You can narrow down your choices by using the Fund Compare tool on You need not create an account or sign in. You can access the tool from our homepage. Just select the funds you need to compare from the list and hit the 'Funds Compare' button. You will be presented with a tabular list of the funds you've chosen.

Pick the Best Option
The initial Snapshot tab gives you a concise comparison between the funds chosen. It shows you the rating, category, launch month, expense ratio, one-year return, one-year rank and net assets. This much data can give you a fair idea of which fund has done well in the recent past. To find out more, you can access the other tabs. The Returns tab will give you the performance of the compared funds over various time periods, ranging from weekly to annually. The Portfolio, Risk Stats, NAV Details, and Fee & Details tabs give you more information that you can use to choose between the funds you've compared. This is how the Fund Compare tool becomes the easiest way to distinguish between similar-looking funds for picking the one that's best suited for your investment needs.

The Payoff: You invest in the fund that's best suited to fulfil your investment goals.

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