DSPBR Mutual Fund Declares Dividend

DSPBR Mutual Fund has approved the declaration of dividend under the dividend option of the following schemes.

Schemes  Dividend(%)
DSPBR Treasury Bill-DH 0.8775
DSPBR Savings Manager Moderate-DQ 0.8266
DSPBR Savings Manager Agg-DQ 1.3176
DSPBR Savings Manager Consv-DQ 0.3610
DSPBR Short Term-DQ 1.2544
DSPBR Strategic Bond Reg-DQ 0.9325
DSPBR Strategic Bond Inst-DQ 1.0285
DSPBR Floating Rate-DQ 1.0860
DSPBR Floating Rate Inst-D 1.0828
DSPBR FMP 13 M Ser 2-D 1.1639
DSPBR FMP 13 M Ser 3-D 0.7186
DSPBR FMP 12 M Ser 5-D 1.2096
DSPBR FMP 12 M Ser 6-D 0.3848

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The record date is September 28, 2010.

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