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The Value Research Portfolio Manager gives vital insights on your portfolio & helps make investment decisions

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Investing in the stock markets is like a coin — there are two sides to it. The first side is the fun side, when the markets are in a bullish phase and everything is going one way: up. The bull run keeps investors bullish and managing investments also become a simple task. There's hardly anything to sell or review after all, only shares and funds to buy.

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But when the bears take over the markets, the second side surfaces, and things are not fun anymore. In bearish markets, the investors have to start deciding, which investments to hold onto, what to get rid of and what to buy now. In such a scenario, what the investor needs, apart from his experience and acumen, is the required information in adequacy and that too on one single platform; a platform like the Value Research Portfolio Manager.

The Portfolio Manager is the most powerful and comprehensive investment tool available today. It allows investors to manage, track and assess their portfolios (stocks and funds) on a day-to-day basis.

It's simple and user friendly. Just enter a few basic details and get the information you need to track your investments and make those important investment decisions.

The Portfolio Manager comes in two versions: Quick Portfolio and Transactional Portfolio. The Quick Portfolio version tells you just the current value of a collection of funds and stocks. On the other hand, the Transactional Portfolio version gives a more detailed analysis of your portfolio.

As part of our continous endeavour to keep our viewers/readers stay head and alert, we have been improvising our offereings. The latest version of the Portfolio Manager is a part of that innovation, as it has two new features.

Firstly, the 'Action Needed' feature tells the user about the pending transactions of his portfolio. These transactions can be anything, from dividends declared by a fund to the SIPs that have not been recorded. This new feature serves as a reminder for the user to record all transactions and avail correct reports from the Portfolio Manager.

The second new feature gives users the option of viewing the complete list of their fund holdings, including or excluding the funds you have already sold by them.

Along with these, the Portfolio Manager has a host of other features like Snapshot (overview of the portfolio), Gains & Losses (realised & unrealised gains/losses), Analysis (comprehensive analysis) and Stocks Live (live updates of stock prices) amongst others.

Sounds great, isn’t it? The Portfolio Manager allows investors to themselves be their Investment Manager and that too, at no cost whatsoever. The Portfolio Manager is totally free-of-cost for anyone logging onto

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