ABN AMRO MF Mops Up over Rs 2,000 crore

The IPO of the initial five schemes of ABN AMRO MF has been a real success. With an IPO collection amount of over Rs 2,000 crore it is the biggest ever maiden IPO in the Indian MF industry. Moreover, the AMC can also boast of having experienced the biggest ever IPO subscription to any open-ended scheme in India (ABN AMRO Cash Fund Rs 1,123 crore) as well as the biggest ever IPO subscription to any open-ended diversified equity scheme (ABN AMRO Equity Fund over Rs 350 crores). The remainder of the IPO collections has been channelled into the other three schemes, namely ABN AMRO Monthly Income Plan, ABN AMRO Flexi Debt Fund and ABN AMRO Floating Rate Fund.

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