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Riding on volatile small- & mid-cap spaces

An insight into the portfolio of Soumendra Nath Lahiri of L&T fund house

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A fund manager's decisions about buying and selling stocks are largely based on extensive research and analysis as well as due diligence. In a bid to generate good returns continuously, they keep gathering valuable insights about the market and companies, as well.

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Today, we take a deep dive into the portfolio of well-known fund manager of L&T fund house, Soumendra Nath Lahiri, who takes care of over Rs. 31,000 crores across nine funds, including L&T Emerging Business. He primarily focuses on the companies that have strong economic moats and are undervalued, under-owned and under-researched, yet have the potential to deliver strong growth.

Small- and mid-cap stocks have been beaten down over the last one year. Against this backdrop, let us see how this small- and mid-cap specialist has positioned his portfolio.

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