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Is HDFC Balanced Fund a good performer?

Dhirendra Kumar discusses the performance of HDFC Balanced Fund

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My question is related to the present situation of balanced funds. Over a year ago, this category was hyped up as a good one to invest in. However, the reality seems to be different - specifically for HDFC Balanced Fund.
- Navneet

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HDFC Balanced has now merged with HDFC Hybrid Equity. It is a hybrid equity fund that invests 70-75 per cent in equity. Owing to this, it falls a little less as against a fall in the market. However, it is able to participate reasonably well.

I don't think that anybody would have ever said that investing in a balanced fund would not lead to losses within a time frame as short as a year or so. I believe that if you are doing an SIP in a fund, then you should continue with it irrespective of any such views. Also, I don't think that your one- or one-and-a-half-year-old SIPs would have generated losses. However, even if this is the case, the losses wouldn't be that wide by margin.

HDFC Balanced Fund is a good fund. It wasn't performing well over the last three-four years but it has improved to quite an extent. So, in view of the present situation, I don't think that your understanding of the fund being a disappointment holds true.

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