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'The SIP story has been the industry's bestseller'

Sandeep Dasgupta, CEO of BOI AXA Mutual Fund, says that industry SIP book has crossed the two crore mark. This shows the wide acceptance of SIPs. He is confident that the trend will continue in the future as well

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The past year has been an incredible journey for the Indian mutual fund industry, which has been reported as among the fastest growing in the world. The industry campaign of 'Mutual Fund Sahi Hai' has helped to increase awareness and penetration and has been a key highlight.

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With the mutual fund SIP book crossing more than two crore accounts, the SIP story has been the industry's bestseller. We, too, have witnessed this trend, with our SIP volumes on the rise, and we are optimistic that this increment will continue to sustain. One of our key highlights has been crossing the one lakh threshold for our folio count.

Small fund houses, like us, offer agility in decision making to our partner channels, especially the IFA community. In return, we have received their overwhelming support.

USP of investment strategy
We have built an Excellence Framework for structuring our portfolio, and continue to reflect this in our investment strategy. Our investment philosophy entails identifying high-quality and well-managed companies which have exhibited faster-than-industry growth rates, superior capital allocation and robust cash flows. It is broadly based on three parameters - quality, potential and value.

Impact of SEBI's reclassification
The steps taken by the regulator to keep the investor at the centre of the industry are truly commendable. The recategorisation exercise has helped in leveling the playing ground amongst peers, especially for small fund houses like us, and has worked towards making the investment choice easier for the investor.

This has proved favourable for our investors as well. However, given that our existing product suite has always been unique and specific, we did not have any requirement of merging funds.

Becoming more investor-friendly
We continue to offer our investors simplicity in our product offerings, investment process and servicing. Also, technology is constantly evolving, and we are attempting to bring in this digital wave without alienating traditional investors.

We believe that the future is digital and we are working towards enhancing customer experience through this channel. Going ahead, our focus would be towards creating a more robust digital offering in line with the changing market dynamics, customer preference and evolution of new technology.

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