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No competition

Companies that are the unquestionable market leaders of their respective sectors in terms of profit share

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The first group comprises the companies that are the unquestionable market leaders of their respective sectors in terms of profit share. Unsurprisingly, only a small group of companies can claim the membership of this club.

Let's begin with some uncommon names. Did you know Lakshmi Machine Works, the biggest textile-machine manufacturer of the country, corners over 90 per cent of its industry profits? Or that Tata Motors, the commercial-vehicle behemoth is so well positioned that it drives away with over 90 per cent of the industry profits?

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Among the usual cases, ITC owns the cigarette industry in India and Petronet LNG enjoys government monopoly over liquefied natural gas.

The table below highlights the primary companies enjoying no competition, as they gobble up nearly the entire industry profits.

NO COMPETITION: One company takes away 90 per cent or more of industry profits

share (%)
Net profit
Net profit
share (%)
Automobiles: Trucks/LCVs27546414960
Tata Motors26279695.41406093.98
Eicher Motors92323.357625.09
Godfrey Phillips25215.971831.81
Industrial gases & fuels40794920
Petronet LNG3909395.8388395.96
Linde India14863.64202.21
Textile: Machinery2754235
Lakshmi Machine Works248890.3422093.63
Stovec Industries1083.93135.55
All financial data as of March 2015

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