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DSP Black Rock Short Term Fund: Change in Load Structure

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DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund has revised the exit load of following schemes:

Scheme NameExisting Exit LoadRevised Exit Load
DSPBR Short Term Fund0.5% if redeemed within 6 months1% if redeemed within 12 months
DSPBR Income Opportunities Fund1% if redeemed within 12 months2% if redeemed within 12 months
1% if redeemed between 12 months-24 months
0.5% if redeemed 24months-36 months
DSPBR Small & Mid Cap Fund1% if redeemed within 18 months
DSPBR Focus 25 Fund
DSPBR India T.I.G.E.R. Fund
DSPBR World Gold Fund
DSPBR World Energy Fund
DSPBR World Mining Fund
DSPBR World Agriculture Fund
DSPBR US Flexible Equity Fund
DSPBR Global Allocation Fund
1% if redeemed within 24 months

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The change will be effective from October 01, 2014.

The fund house also announced dividend under the dividend option of DSPBR FMP Series 115-12M Reg-D, DSPBR FMP Series 115-12M Direct-D, DSPBR FMP Series 115-12M Reg-DQ and DSPBR FMP Series 115-12M Direct-DQ.

The quantum of dividend will be the entire distributable surplus as on the record date. The record date has been fixed as September 15, 2014.

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