Simplifying fund selection

The Fund Selector tool helps choose the right fund from the multitude of options available

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Confusion by choices
Equity mutual funds are the recommended investment avenue for most ordinary investors because they are convenient and easy to manage. An investor can rely on the expertise of the fund manager, without having to spend too much time and energy in picking stocks. This sounds like a simple enough thing to do. In practice, however, it is not as easy. The first task at hand is probably also the toughest, which is picking an equity fund to invest in. There are literally hundreds and one can't blame an investor for getting lost.

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Narrowing down the options
The Fund Selector tool comes to the rescue. This tool helps an investor pick the right fund out of the many options available. You can use the tool to choose funds by fund house and fund category.

You can further filter the selection by excluding funds by their star rating, type, etc. Once your selection is done, click on the 'Go' button to get a list of funds that fits the chosen criteria.

Selecting the best fit
This list of funds gives you all the information you need to arrive at a decision. The Snapshot view of the list gives you funds' ratings, categories, launch months, expense ratios, one-year returns, one-year ranks and net assets. The list also has other tabs for funds' returns, portfolio dynamics, risk stats, NAV details and fee details.

The Payoff: Selecting the right fund means you're best placed to meet your goals.

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