How to check your SIP returns?

Use our SIP Return Calculator to find out how your SIP investments have fared

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The Need
Probably the toughest thing about investing in mutual funds is the first step - picking a fund - given numerous funds. But the process doesn't end with choosing a fund and investing your money in it. An investor needs to keep track of the fund's performance as well, especially in the case of a systematic investment plan (SIP). We usually recommend an annual check, but even though there is more than enough data available on a fund's performance over various time periods, ranging from a week to ten years, it's difficult to gather data of the SIP period of your choice.

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The Solution
The solution to this problem is the SIP Return Calculator available on This simple and easy-to-use research tool allows you to calculate the SIP returns of any fund for any amount over any time period. It helps you narrow down on the fund you're interested in by sorting through the fund company and category before selecting the fund. Once the fund is selected, you've to enter in the SIP amount; the SIP frequency; the SIP start and end dates; and click on the Show SIP Returns button.

And More...
The tool will tell you the amount invested, the current worth of the invested amount and the SIP returns in percentage. In such a simple manner, you can have data that would be otherwise too complicated to fetch. The SIP Return Calculator is a great tool when you're looking to compare the performance of your fund with another similar fund. You can easily find out if another fund would have earned you more than your existing fund. This is how the tool can help you decide between continuing with a fund or switching to a better-performing peer.

The Payoff: You make sure your SIP investments are in the best funds.

How to check your SIP returns?

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