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Easy way to track your transaction

Use the Transactions tab of our Portfolio Manager to keep track on your stock and fund transactions

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The Need
Investments in Stocks and Funds
Most of us have investment portfolios that comprise mutual funds as well as stocks. Often, we come across investors whose portfolios include a large number of holdings that may include numerous stocks and funds. The merits of holding a big number of investments are debatable, especially when the tracking part becomes extremely difficult. The more you invest, the more paperwork you have to do. And what happens when you have to look for an investment that you made a year ago? You panic because you have no idea where the documentation of that investment is going to be.

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The Solution
Easy way to keep track
But, you won't need to panic if you use the Value Research Portfolio Manager. One of the finest investment analysis tools available to investors for free, the Portfolio Manager also comes equipped with a section that's dedicated to maintaining your transaction history - the Transactions tab. To access this feature, you need to create a free user account on and start using the Portfolio Manager. Once you enter the details of your investments, the Portfolio Manager keeps a track of them for you.

The Features
Find transactions you're looking for
The Transactions tab of the Portfolio Manager lists every mutual fund (SIP as well as lump sum) and stock investment that you make. You can filter the list by the different mutual funds or stocks that you've invested in. The tab tells you the date of the investment, type, price, units credited or debited, balance units, amount credited or debited and the balance amount. Every detail of every investment you've entered into the Portfolio Manager remains easily accessible whenever you need it. And what's more, the Portfolio Manager has a vast number of other features that can help you not only keep a track of your investments but analyse them properly to make sure you achieve your investment goals.

The Payoff: A detailed analysis of your portfolio in just a few clicks.

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