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Top of Mind

Aarati Krishnan
Jai, Gabbar and Basanti discuss the recent bumper returns from gold and how investors should approach this asset |
Jai, Veeru and Gabbar discuss the ongoing fall in the market and what investors should do about it |
Fund expenses can make a serious difference to your returns in the long term. Find out where your fund stands in terms of expenses |
Pick a small-cap fund that delivers without giving you the jitters |
Jai, Veeru and Gabbar discuss the economic slowdown and what it means for the stock market |
Veeru, Gabbar and Basanti discuss how Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) work and whether they make for good investments |
Jai, Veeru and Gabbar thrash out what investors should do when negative events such as war and political upheaval strikes |
Jai and Veeru explain to their friend Gabbar the idea of side-pocketing in debt funds and why it's good for investors |
While it's widely known that direct plans help you earn more, is there a case for regular plans also? Jai and Veeru debate on the topic |
With Indian stocks and equity funds undergoing a deep correction, Jai and Veeru wonder if international investing makes sense now |
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