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Income Tax Know How

But it is mandatory to have a PAN card to file an ITR. Read more to know when one needs to file tax returns | |
Most of the income tax notices that you may get are routine and there's no need to worry if you have not hidden your income and filed your returns | |
It is important to file income tax returns, or ITR, on time because you may be asked to provide related details to avail of various services | |
To help you cope with change in the new income tax returns ITR form, you will have to give a breakup of your income, including basic salary, house rent allowance, bonus and professional tax | |
Income can be charged under this head only if there is an employer-employee relationship between the payer and payee | |
Tax is a compulsory payment made to the Government, but there are ways to optimise it | |
An individual having salary income shall file his return on or before 31st July of the assessment year | |
Any profit or gain arising from transfer of capital asset held as investments are chargeable to tax under the head capital gains | |
Know ways to offset your losses and reduce your tax liability | |
Find out what qualifies you as a resident Indian when filing your tax returns | |
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