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Big Questions

Here's how SIPs solve the two main problems that usually prevent investors from earning good returns from equity funds | |
Investment is a simple activity and it's possible to succeed without having to learn complex concepts | |
Unless you think of what needs will your investments fulfil, it is not possible to choose the right kind of investments | |
If a fund that was earlier an outperformer, starts underperforming other similar funds regularly, then you should give it a careful look | |
Four or five funds are enough to provide diversification. Beyond that you only add complexity | |
Different types of returns allow for easy comparison of funds with other published rates of return | |
It takes less effort, less time, less experience and less specialised knowledge to get good returns from equity mutual funds than it does from directly trading in equities | |
The mutual fund industry, because of its transparency & liquidity, empowers the investor to exit immediately, if he finds a slip-up in governance | |
Don't try to time the markets. Invest systematically in equity funds for the long run & reap the rewards | |
Objectively choosing a good financial advisor may be tricky. But a sound advisor on your side can have substantial long-term payoff. | |
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