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Straight Talk

Anand Tandon
In their book, Professors Lev and Gu explain why fundamentals no longer drive stock prices |
After the recent market correction, investors are again looking for buying opportunities. But do the current prices present value? Find out |
Investing practices based on environmental, social and governance issues are fast gaining ground |
Oil investors are in a dilemma whether oil demand has peaked out or not |
What motivated Walmart to buy Flipkart |
Why UP and Bihar have lagged behind the other Indian states historically in spite of abundant natural resources |
Amidst a looming trade war, it's worth recalling the principles of classical economics |
History suggests that banking frauds combined with market overvaluation are a recipe for a significant market fall |
Two fund managers make cases for a market correction |
While skeptics are busy predicting gloom and doom, here are a list of positive developments of 2017. Read on to find out |
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