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Straight Talk

Anand Tandon
Two fund managers make cases for a market correction |
While skeptics are busy predicting gloom and doom, here are a list of positive developments of 2017. Read on to find out |
The era of sustainable competitive advantages for businesses is fast vanishing. The need is to be more flexible |
The arrival of electric vehicles will disrupt the automobile industry in the near future |
While the new Bankruptcy Code promises to expedite bankruptcy cases, legal complications could prove to be an impediment |
With the formalisation of the dairy industry over the next few years, long-term investors stand to gain |
A universal basic income can improve the efficiency of disbursals. But it can also let the genie out of the bottle |
William Baumol theorised that a rise in wages in productive sectors can spread to other sectors, thus resulting in higher prices over time |
Essentially, fundamental investing is about assessing cash flows, reexamining assumptions and staying updated on new developments |
Rising interest in passive investing and the inability of active funds to beat their benchmarks mean that the days of active investing are numbered |
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