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The Chartist

Devangshu Datta
Electricity is a hot topic in the Indian context - socially, economically and politically |
Investment strategies based on the statistics of market movements |
Being set in the backdrop of demonetisation and the arrival of GST, the Union budget for FY18 is subject to many unknowns |
IT and pharma, which are deemed to benefit from a fall in the rupee, may not benefit this time due to their own problems |
With demonetisation giving a boost to cashless, one sector that stands to gain is telecom |
The increasing use of electronic payments over cash transactions will change the economy in a fundamental way, but markets are yet to factor in this |
The ongoing downturn in the IT sector could just be the right time to load up on IT stocks |
The Nifty 50 is trading at high valuations and has no clear trend of earnings growth. Investors should avoid entering the market |
The CPI has proved to be a better tool for inflation targeting than the WPI. The need is to use it in the calculation of GDP growth as well |
The base effect can distort the real picture at times. The need is to go beyond it and find out the real causes |
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