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Using Value Research Online

The Fund Selector tool helps choose the right fund from the multitude of options available |
10 tools you'd get at Value Research and nowhere else. Explore our own Aladdin's cave! |
Want to know the chances of your portfolio companies going bankrupt? Or if they are dressing up their books? Check out our Essential Checks |
Use our Portfolio Manager to keep track of your investments. It evaluates the performance of your investments on the basis of Internal Rate of Return (IRR) |
Use these VRO tools to study what competition the company you are interested in faces and whether it is better placed than the competitors |
The Analysis tab in Portfolio Manager will tell you a lot about your stocks/funds |
How many stars is right? Dhirendra Kumar gives you the answer |
Here are 3 ready-to-use tables that can help you get a quick overview of the funds that you should be investing in |
The Portfolio tab of the fund page at the Value Research website not just tells you what stocks a fund owns but also provides you analysis on them |
Use the Who Owns What tool to know if your fund already owns the stock you want to buy |
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