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The Plan

Mukesh needs to plan better for his son's future. He also needs to exit traditional insurance policies and reduce the number of funds in his portfolio | |
Deepak's current investments will not help him reach his goals. He needs to prioritise his goals and reduce the goal amounts | |
While Vedant has a decent accumulated corpus, he has too many funds in his portfolio. Here's our plan for him | |
A few adjustments to Shyam's investments will set him on the right track | |
Raj wants to buy a house apart from the one in which he currently lives. Doing so may result in his compromising on the other non-negotiable goals | |
Sunil is well-positioned to achieve his financial goals. But he must make changes to his portfolio to achieve his goals more efficiently | |
Balan is a non-resident Indian, working in the Middle East. Here is a financial plan to help him achieve his goals, including retirement | |
Sheela is a single mother taking care of her differently-abled daughter. She wants to plan for her own retirement and her daughter's future | |
Gowtham has just started working and has certain financial goals, but he doesn't have an adequate surplus. Increasing his SIPs every year will be key to achieving his goals | |
While Sunil's surplus is insufficient to meet his goals, he should start working on this financial plan now and make adjustments to it as required | |
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