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Of This & That...

Sanjeev Pandiya
Economic models should also take into account psychological principles, no matter if they are inexact |
Against the widely held view that economics is a science, there is ample evidence that points at its inadequacy |
Focusing on happiness, rather than abstruse concepts, can improve the efficacy of economics |
Low immigration rates, high sovereign debt, imminent US rate rises and declining exports could write an obituary of the Japanese economy |
A strengthening rupee against the dollar is likely to have negative implications for the economy |
Wealth distribution and its political after-effects in the Modi era |
GDP numbers tell little, yet they are widely sought after. The need is to be focused on economic productivity |
The 'money' that we use today has gone through many phases; taxation remains as controversial as it was at its start |
Demonetisation is a step towards improving the productive capacity of the economy and reining in the artificial growth fuelled by easy money |
The demonetisation initiative of the Modi government opens up newer avenues for cleaning up the Indian economy |
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