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You can invest in one or two diversified equity mutual fund schemes to build a corpus for your kid's higher education | |
Dynamic bond funds have an actively managed portfolio that varies dynamically with the interest rate view of the fund manager | |
The guaranteed surrender value of the policy is 30% of total premiums paid minus the first year's premium | |
When a scheme pays dividend, it NAV falls. The extent of the fall depends on how much dividend is paid and how many times it is paid | |
Mutual funds do not pay taxes as they are pass-through entities which pass on the benefit to investors | |
International funds are meant for investors who want to diversify their investments across geographies. If you haven't made your investment for this purpose, you should sell it | |
It is not possible to predict how much returns you would get, the returns would be determined by the performance of debt and stock markets | |
The scheme has been a relative underperformer in the category by a sizable margin in various periods | |
A simple way to select the right scheme is to focus on your investment horizon while picking a scheme for investment | |
Income funds are long-term debt schemes that invest in corporate bonds, government bonds and money market instruments | |
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