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Ask Value Research is our online help center where our analysts answer your investment queries. This helpline is a public forum, where you not only get answers to your own queries, but also learn by reading answers given to others. To be considered in Ask Value Research, please email your queries to

Gold after Diversification   Research Desk |  Sep 04, 2012
Invest in gold only after you have a diversified portfolio & you may need physical gold in the future…

Keep Investing Regularly   Research Desk |  Sep 03, 2012
Invest regularly in a portfolio of funds that are flexible & have proven credentials…

PE Ratio Reference   Research Desk |  Sep 03, 2012
There is no thumb rule about the PE ratio of a company’s share. Find out the reference we follow…

Get the Hang of It   Research Desk |  Sep 03, 2012
Begin with balanced funds to understand how mutual funds work & how investments grow…

Different Timeframes   Research Desk |  Aug 31, 2012
For long-term investments, begin with a balanced fund. Pick short-term bond funds for shorter timeframes…

Aggressive Equity Allocation   Research Desk |  Aug 31, 2012
HDFC Prudence has performed well, but it isn't ideal for a new investor. Find out why…

Do Away with Overlaps   Research Desk |  Aug 31, 2012
Exit a fund that has an overlap with another fund in your portfolio. Find out more�

Wait for a Correction   Research Desk |  Aug 30, 2012
Franklin India High Growth Companies is an aggressive fund. Wait for a correction before redeeming…

Decent Performance   Research Desk |  Aug 30, 2012
SBI Magnum Multiplier Plus '93 has been a good fund. Find out more about it…

Keep Investing Regularly   Research Desk |  Aug 30, 2012
Reliance Regular Savings Equity is a good fund to invest in for a 3-5 year timeframe…

Securing Child's Future   Research Desk |  Aug 29, 2012
Divide your money between a term insurance plan & an equity fund for your daughter’s future…

Investing for 1 Year   Research Desk |  Aug 29, 2012
For a 1-year timeframe, investments in an equity fund are undesirable. Choose from these options…

Gold Fund or Gold ETF?   Research Desk |  Aug 28, 2012
Find out the difference between a gold fund and a gold ETF. See where you should invest…

Infrastructure looks Bleak   Research Desk |  Aug 28, 2012
The future of the infrastructure sector looks bleak. Stop investing in the Reliance Infrastructure fund…

Avoid Thematic Funds   Research Desk |  Aug 28, 2012
Opt for a diversified equity fund instead of thematic & sector funds, as the latter are high on risk…

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