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Ask Value Research is our online help center where our analysts answer your investment queries. This helpline is a public forum, where you not only get answers to your own queries, but also learn by reading answers given to others. To be considered in Ask Value Research, please email your queries to

Health insurance for senior citizens   Research Desk |  Sep 22, 2014
Top up policies can come in handy to foot the medical bills of the elderly

Surrender ULIP, Opt for Term Cover   Research Desk |  Sep 19, 2014
Aviva Save Guard is a unit-linked endowment plan that doesn't serve as adequate insurance or good investment

Taxation on Systematic Transfer Plans   Research Desk |  Sep 18, 2014
An STP from one fund to another is considered as a redemption and new purchase for taxation purposes

Capital Gains Tax on Gold   Research Desk |  Sep 16, 2014
From a taxation point-of-view, there's no difference between physical gold & gold ETFs

Claiming House Rent Allowance   Research Desk |  Sep 15, 2014
House Rent Allowance can be claimed under Section 10 (13A) if you're living in rented accommodation

Go for Super Top Up Policies   Research Desk |  Sep 12, 2014
A Super Top Up policy is preferable over a Top Up policy. Find out why & check out some suggested policies

Surrender ULIPs after 5 Years   Research Desk |  Sep 11, 2014
Surrendering your ULIP before 5 years will result in tax on surrender value & reversal of Section 80C deductions

Ways to Park Emergency Funds   Research Desk |  Sep 10, 2014
Your emergency fund should be parked in a vehicle that is easily accessible & low on risk. We evaluate some options

Equity Funds Score Over ULIPs   Research Desk |  Sep 09, 2014
ULIPs are not recommended for either insurance or investment. Go for equity funds for the latter

Reimbursement of Maternity Costs   Research Desk |  Sep 08, 2014
Insurers cover maternity costs after a stated waiting period, which might differ for different insurers

Pick the right health cover   Research Desk |  Sep 04, 2014
Here are the tips that help you choose a medical policy that is just right for you

Choose Equity Funds over ULIPs   Research Desk |  Sep 03, 2014
Surrender your Kotak Smart Advantage ULIP now and limit your limits. Find out where to invest instead

New ULIPs Cheaper, Still not Worth It   Research Desk |  Sep 02, 2014
New ULIPs are comparatively cheaper, but they're still not worth investing in. Find out why

Filing Income Tax Returns   Research Desk |  Sep 01, 2014
It is not mandatory for a non-working person to file income tax returns, but the same can be done for continuity

Tax Benefits on NPS Investments   Research Desk |  Aug 29, 2014
NPS investments made by the investor, without any employee contributions, are tax deductible

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