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We recommend equity-oriented balanced schemes to first-time investors to the stock market | |
Since you have a long investment horizon, you can consider investing a small part of your retirement corpus in equity | |
The general rule is to keep aside some money that will take care of the monthly expenses for at least three months | |
Net assets show total assets of a fund net of liabilities and expenses | |
Financial institutions are wary of dealing with American investors because of the new tax compliance law enforced by the US government | |
You are paying a huge premium for such a small cover. You should consider surrendering your expensive policies | |
You can build a corpus of Rs 2 crore if you invest around Rs 20,000 per month in an equity mutual fund scheme for the next 20 years, assuming your investment grows at 12 per cent per annum | |
Only if both parents are not alive or both parents are alive but are incapable, a legal guardian can open a PPF account | |
Since you are newcomer to the stock market, you can invest in one or two top-rated balanced schemes | |
You should always invest in equity to achieve your long-term financial goals like child's education or your own retirement | |
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