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At present the option to change scheme preference or pension fund manager for NPS account is not available | |
Contact the bank where you hold the PPF account and submit the transfer request | |
This policy will acquire a guaranteed cash value if it has been in force for at least three years and provided all premiums that have fallen due have been received | |
The premiums of ULIP qualify for deduction of up to Rs 1.5 lakh under Section 80C of Income Tax | |
In the accumulation phase you pay premiums regularly till your intended retirement and then purchase an immediate annuity (regular income) from the same insurer | |
All retirement benefits have to be shown on the ITR under Income from salary | |
Short term capital gain on equity mutual fund and debt mutual fund are different from each other | |
LIC may pay a Special Surrender Value which is either equal to or more than the Guaranteed Surrender Value | |
You may consider investing in sovereign gold bonds, as these bonds score over gold ETFs on two counts | |
Only employee contribution is included in gross taxable salary and the same is shown as deductions u/s 80C | |
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