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Invest in FDs or debt funds if you need the money in less than five years and are looking for assured returns | |
Max Life and HDFC Life are insurance companies with a satisfactory settlement record. Choose one of their policies | |
Balanced funds can give you better returns than bank deposits and the Senior Citizen Savings Scheme | |
You will not get any tax benefit if you surrender your ULIP before maturity. Any deductions claimed earlier will get reversed | |
Investments in India-registered funds are not considered as investments in foreign assets, even if they invest in foreign equity | |
While investing in a debt fund, try to match your investment horizon with the duration of the fund | |
If you are in the lower tax bracket of 10 per cent or 20 per cent, it may make sense to go for the growth option | |
Your advisor has suggested an insurance product for investment. Never buy an insurance product for investment purpose | |
Start a new SIP for the extra amount or cancel the existing SIP and open a new SIP with the amount of your choice | |
Investing in children's plans floated by insurance companies is one of the biggest mistake a parent can make | |
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