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Ask Value Research is our online help center where our analysts answer your investment queries. This helpline is a public forum, where you not only get answers to your own queries, but also learn by reading answers given to others. To be considered in Ask Value Research, please email your queries to

NPS Contribution under New Section   Aug 28, 2015
Total NPs deduction under Section 80C, 80CCC, 80CCD(1), 80CCD(1B) cannot exceed Rs 2 lakh

Should I Opt for Atal Pension Scheme?   Research Desk |  Aug 28, 2015
The Atal Pension Yojana is meant for workers in the unorganized sector who don't have a formal pension

Should I surrender Jeevan Kishore policies?   Research Desk |  Aug 27, 2015
Take the money out of your endowment plan and start investing in balanced funds in a systematic manner

Stay Invested in UTI Dividend Yield   Research Desk |  Aug 26, 2015
UTI Dividend Yield is good for conservative investors who want to earn steady returns from high dividend-paying companies

How to get KYC done?   Research Desk |  Aug 26, 2015
KYC is a one-time activity that is a must to transact in a mutual fund. Here is the KYC registration process

Actively managed funds beat ETFs   Research Desk |  Aug 25, 2015
We recommend actively managed equity funds over ETFs because they outperform the indices by large margins in India

Should I invest in another insurance plan?   Research Desk |  Aug 25, 2015
Buy a term cover to fulfill your insurance needs and opt for mutual funds for investment needs

Does investing in BSL Frontline Equity save taxes?   Research Desk |  Aug 24, 2015
Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Fund is not a tax planning mutual fund scheme and doesn't qualify for tax deductions

Significance of net assets   Research Desk |  Aug 24, 2015
The assets under management of a mutual fund have no significant bearing the performance of that fund

Should I invest in gold for diversification?   Research Desk |  Aug 21, 2015
Diversification does not mean you should be buying every available investment for the sake of it

Tax on SIP investments   Research Desk |  Aug 20, 2015
Gains from investments held in equity funds for more than one year are tax-free

Should an NRI investor pay taxes in India?   Research Desk |  Aug 20, 2015
NRIs should file returns if their taxable income in India exceeds Rs 2.5 lakh in a year

Should I invest in ICICI Prudential Discovery?   Research Desk |  Aug 19, 2015
Understand the difference between a balanced fund and mid & small cap scheme before you choose one to invest

Where can a retiree invest to generate 12%?   Research Desk |  Aug 19, 2015
Conservative allocation funds that offer a small portion in equity could be the solution for a retiree's investment needs

Tax on sale of a merged scheme   Research Desk |  Aug 18, 2015
Prior to the last budget, mergers were considered fresh purchase. But they are now tax-neutral

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