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On becoming a Non Resident Indian (NRI), you are legally bound to inform the mutual funds about your change in status | |
If you are looking for assured returns with absolute safety of capital, you should stick to bank deposits | |
An individual between 18 and 60 years can join National Pension Scheme | |
The FATCA/CRS form asks the investor is his/her country of tax residency other than India | |
On becoming a resident Indian, you must inform your banks and mutual funds about your change of status within a reasonable time | |
You will have to take into account the exit load and capital gains taxes before finalising the switch from the regular plan to a direct plan | |
If you are withdrawing money from National Pension Scheme (NPS) after you have reached 60 years, you can withdraw 60 per cent of the accumulated corpus | |
An individual can contribute to NPS and claim an additional tax deduction of up to Rs 50,000 under Section 80CCD(1B) | |
Mutual fund schemes mostly charge an exit load if an investor redeems or switches from a scheme before the completion of one year from the date of allotment | |
In a step-up Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), the SIP amount increases automatically at a pre-defined rate and period | |
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