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Make sure to disclose all personal and health-related details so as to avoid any inconvenience for the family in case the claim arises | |
Long term gain arising from the redemption of debt mutual funds shall be taxable at the flat rate of 20% after indexation | |
You must intimate this intention in writing to Central Recordkeeping agency (CRA, NSDL) at least 15 days before attaining 60 years of age | |
Term plan is all that you need to financially secure your dependants in case you are gone | |
For capital gains, you are required to show the income and pay taxes, if any, when you file your returns | |
There is no requirement of Investment and Services Account (ISA) for mutual fund investments | |
You can only have one PPF account for yourself except if you want to open one as a guardian of your minor child | |
On equity oriented balanced fund, if held for more than 12 months long term capital gains tax is nil | |
Some companies like Aegon Life offer term plans to housewives, but the quantum of cover is linked to the insurance cover of the husband | |
If you discover any omission or any wrong statement in your original return, you can re-file ITR with modifications | |
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