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Ask Value Research is our online help center where our analysts answer your investment queries. This helpline is a public forum, where you not only get answers to your own queries, but also learn by reading answers given to others. To be considered in Ask Value Research, please email your queries to

Discontinue ICICI Prudential Elite Life   Research Desk |  Mar 25, 2015
Stop paying the premiums in ICICI Prudential Elite plans and invest in good mutual funds instead

The Way Out of a ULIP Mess   Research Desk |  Mar 23, 2015
Since you've paid the premium in Aviva Saveguard for 8 years, you can exit the scheme without incurring surrender charges

Insurance Products lack Transparency   Research Desk |  Mar 23, 2015
Taking a term plan for your insurance needs and starting a mutual fund SIP for investment is a good decision

No Taxes on Unrealized Gains   Research Desk |  Mar 20, 2015
A mutual fund investor is not liable to pay taxes on unrealized gains. Taxes are meant to be paid only when the investments are redeemed

What does a Rider Mean?   Research Desk |  Mar 19, 2015
Riders are extra benefits that are tagged on to the basic insurance policy, for additional premium

Investing in Short-term Debt Funds   Research Desk |  Mar 18, 2015
Debt funds offer no tax advantage over bank fixed deposits if the investment is for less than 3 years

Rate Cuts don't affect Liquid Funds   Research Desk |  Mar 17, 2015
Don't worry about interest rate cuts if you're looking to invest in liquid funds, as they're not affected by rate cuts

Long-term Equity Gains are Tax-free   Mar 17, 2015
Equity mutual funds do not attract any long-term capital gains tax, so your entire gains are tax-free

Calculating Sum Assured   Research Desk |  Mar 16, 2015
Calculate the sum assured of your term insurance that would be adequate for your dependents using these steps

Maximum Investment Limit in PPF   Research Desk |  Mar 16, 2015
The investment in the PPF account in your name and that opened on behalf of a minor cannot collectively exceed Rs 150,000 in a year

Taxation on Surrender Value   Research Desk |  Mar 13, 2015
The surrender value of an insurance policy is to be added to your taxable income & taxed as per your slab rate

Surrender ULIP, Invest in Equity Funds   Mar 12, 2015
There are no surrender charges once a ULIP has completed 5 years. You will receive 100 per cent of the fund value

Buying Joint Term Insurance   Research Desk |  Mar 11, 2015
Joint term insurance policies usually have lower premiums than buying two individual policies. Here are options to choose from

Non-equity Fund Dividends are Taxable   Research Desk |  Mar 10, 2015
DDT is deducted when a non-equity fund declares dividends. Equity and balanced fund dividends are tax-free

When You're Mis-sold a ULIP   Research Desk |  Mar 09, 2015
LIC Market Plus is a unit-linked pension plan. Find out what you should do if you didn't invest in it for pension needs

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