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Dhirendra Kumar
While it's great that investors are doing SIPs in larger and larger numbers, an SIP by itself is only the second half of a job well done |
There is a common belief that bigger funds are better. This is not true and following this could lead to poor investment decisions |
Could measuring customer satisfaction be a good way for choosing stocks that will do well? |
Cargo cult is a failed belief system that influences many spheres of our lives, including investing |
It's never a good idea to make investing decisions based on custom or habit or ceremony |
The value of SIPs lies in their simple, low-maintenance nature. Nothing is to be gained by making them complex |
Many industries may get disrupted in the future. Investors must be mindful of that |
Investors need only basic arithmetic skills, and if they've forgotten school maths, these can be easily acquired. Here's the why and how of it |
When investors don't appreciate the logic behind diversification, they end up with a fake version |
Dhirendra Kumar explains how fixed and growth mindsets result in strong preferences in investing |
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