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Dhirendra Kumar
The people of India have liked the results of the experiment they tried in 2014. Now, the real story begins |
Following the right processes is important for investing success, but hardly enough |
Bad incentive systems continue to pervade much of financial services, and are the bane of savers and investors |
Watching and analysing mutual fund portfolios to glean knowledge about stocks is of unique value to the equity-investment process |
As always, Berkshire Hathaway's shareholders' meet was more than a little bit like a family's chat with grandparents |
The value of value investing has changed, and it's as much a problem for the world's largest investors as it is for us |
We are biased towards complex and featureful products and services, and marketers take advantage of it |
Seventy-five per cent of market movements are due to short-term emotions. Smart investors would do well by ignoring the volatility caused by election results |
Savers need to be clear about what gold is, and what it is not |
Probabilities do not matter, payoffs do. Careful readers of Taleb would recognise this phrase immediately. In this election season, investors seem to constantly looking for some way of glimpsing the future |
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