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Dhirendra Kumar
Saving enough, and saving from the beginning is the biggest driver of attaining financial freedom early in life |
The idea that diamonds are rare and valuable and can serve as an investment is a recent invention |
Diversification is important for equity and equity fund investments, but investors should understand its purpose and limits |
Banks are going to lower and lower interest rates. Can you earn more by choosing mutual funds instead? |
SEBI's incentives have spread mutual funds to small places, but it may be time to rationalise the cost |
If there are taxes and tax exemptions that are intended to modify behaviour, then they might as well do the job properly |
Savers who don't understand investing also don't know how to tell good advice from bad. It's a hard problem to solve |
Lakhs of Indians who have paid for a house are not going to get it unless governments act |
Markets may go up, or go down. But investors must follow the same old advice |
The easiest way to dilute the magic of SIPs is to make them complex |
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