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Dhirendra Kumar
Making investments and then forgetting about them is such a good strategy that dead people actually make great investors |
Savers who don't understand investing also don't know how to tell good advice from bad. Here's a simple solution for them |
Direct fund investing, without an intermediary to advise you, is not for everyone |
If you own a good-quality stock, don't sell it just because it has fallen. On the contrary, think of accumulating it |
Readers are asking why the Value Research fund classification system is almost, but not perfectly, aligned to the official one |
Financial products that are designed specifically for your children's future are not what they are cracked up to be |
Directly investing in foreign stocks is perfectly feasible for Indians, and more people should be doing this |
Most of us are not good at making decisions that involve comparing the seductive present with the distant future. Here's where the problem lies |
The biggest pitfall that equity investors face comes from their own psychology. Here's how |
There is a common belief that bigger funds are better. This is not true and following this could lead to poor investment decisions |
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