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Panth Infinity: Board Meeting Outcome for Outcome Of Board Meeting No. 2/22-23 Held On 20Th July 2022

We wish to inform you that Board of Directors of the Company have in their Board Meeting held on 20th July 2022 in which inter alia other businesses transacted the main business of allotment 61 57 228* Equity Shares of Rs. 10/- each as fully paid Bonus Shares to the existing shareholders of the Company as on Record Date 19th July 2022 in the ratio of 1:2 (i.e. 1 (One) fully paid Equity Share for every 2 (Two) Equity Shares held).*Pursuant to Clause 175 of Articles of Association - Powers of Directors for declaration of Bonus and sub clause (b)(1) issue of Bonus Equity Shares in fraction are ignored and no allotment is being made for the fractional Bonus Equity Shares. Post the above allotment the paid-up Equity Share capital of the Company would stand at Rs. 18 48 22 280/- consisting of 1 84 82 228 Equity Shares having Face Value of Rs. 10/- each. The said shares shall rank pari-passu with existing Equity Shares of the Company in all respect.

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