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Maruti Infrastructure: Clarification On Price Movement

With reference to your Email ref no: L/SURV/ONL/PV/NP/ 2021-2022 / 1109 dated 03rd January 2022 seeking clarification on price movement we hereby submit that the Company has always disclosed and will continue to disclose to the exchange all the material information which has a bearing on the operations/ performance of the Company including all necessary disclosures in accordance with Regulation 30 of the SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements ) Regulations 2015 (the Listing Regulations) within the stipulated time.Further the movement in the share price is purely market driven and the Management of the Company is not aware about the reason for significant movement in the price of our shares.We would like to reiterate that the Company has always and will continue to adhere to the compliances required under the Listing Regulations and other applicable laws

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