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Timken India: Compliances-Reg. 39 (3) - Details of Loss of Certificate / Duplicate Certificate

Pursuant to Regulation 39(3) of Securities and Exchange Board of India (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations 2015 we write to inform you that the Company is in receipt of the intimation from the following investor(s) regarding loss of share certificate(s) and investor(s) is/are being informed of the procedure to obtain duplicate certificate(s) in lieu thereof:Sl. No. Folio No. Name of the shareholder Lost Share certificate no. Distinctive nos. No. of shares Date of receipt1. SV01205 VIPUL SHANTILAL LAPASIA 221041221042221043221044221045221046 63710555- 6371065463710655- 6371070463710705- 6371071463710715- 6371072463710725- 6371073463710735- 63710739 100501010105 12-05-2022

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