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Route Mobile: Additional Information On The Audited Financial Result And Earnings Update For The Quarter And Year Ended March 31 2022.

With reference to the queries raised verbally by the Investors on the Audited Financial Result and Earnings update for the Quarter and Year ended March 31 2022 please find below the Companys response in attached Annexure 1; As part of good corporate governance we are submitting the same for wider dissemination.The management shall address further details during the Earnings Conference call as scheduled today at 5:00 P.M. (IST) which was earlier intimated vide our letter RML/2022-23/210 dated May 16 2022 to the stock exchanges.The joining details of the aforesaid conference call are below:https://routemobile.com/earnings-conference-call/You are requested to take the above information on your record.

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