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Templeton & Birla declare dividends in MIPs

Templeton and Birla AMC have declared payouts in the dividend option of their Monthly Income Plans (MIP).

Templeton Monthly Income Plan (MIP) has paid a dividend of O.75 %(Rs 0.075 per unit) in its monthly dividend option. The record date for the same was May 25, 2001. The fund has paid regular payouts since March 2000 except for July 2000, when the fund's earning capacity was hampered by an unexpected rate hike.

Birla Monthly Income Plan (MIP) launched in November 2000 has paid a dividend of 0.75% (Rs 0.075 per unit) in the monthly dividend plan. The fund has also paid 0.90 %(Rs 0.09 per unit) in the monthly payment plan. The record date for both the plans was May 25, 2001 and the books of account were closed from May 26 to May 31, 2001. In its brief span of six months, the fund has made four regular dividend payouts aggregating to 3.96 percent till date under the monthly dividend plan.