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ARC Finance: Revised Financial Result Quarter Sep 2020

Dear Sir This is in accordance with your reference to the mail for the discrepancies in the financial results (pdf) submitted by the Company for the period ended September 2020 and December 2020.This is to inform you that the given figure 24.52(lakh) in the result for September 2020 was an error made while drafting the given document by us. The correct figure should be 72.76(Lakh) which was mentioned in December 2020 and afterwards.The Discrepancy has only occurred in September 2020 and was corrected afterwards in the next quarter.Please update the same in your records.Enclosed the Copy of The Revised Financial Results for September 2020. Thanking you.Yours Faithfully For ARC Finance Limited____________________________Rohit JainCompany SecretaryM. No. 44371

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