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Phaarmasia: Board Meeting Outcome for Revised Outcome Of The Board Meeting Held On 27.05.2022

Revised outcome is being filed for the clerical error in the name of the secretarial auditor for F.Y. 2021-22.In the outcome filed for the meeting of Board of Directors of Phaarmasia Limited held on Friday the 27th day of May 2022 at 03:00 PM; the name of the Secretarial Auditor appointed for Financial Year 2021-22 in Point no. 3 was incorrectly mentioned as Mr. Nagamalla Sricharan.It is hereby informed that the Company has appointed Mr. NVSS Suryanarayana Rao Practicing Company Secretary (Membership No. 5868; COP No. 2886) as Secretarial Auditor for the Financial Year 2021-22.

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