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Southern Magnesium & Chemicals: Outcome Of The Board Meeting Held On 14.02.2020

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With reference to the above cited subject Board of Directors of the company at their meeting held on Friday 14th February 2020 inter-alia has transacted the following items of agenda:

i. Unaudited Financial Results with Limited Review report have been approved for quarter ended 31st December 2019.
ii. Approved Appointment of Mrs. Padmavathi Kollipara(DIN: 08687172) as a Nominee Director of APIDC
iii. Approved appointment of Ms. Sneha Sridayal Soni (Membership Number: 51629) as Company Secretary and Compliance officer w.e.f 14.02.2020
iv. Board took note of the letter received on 12.02.2020 from the BSE for non-compliance of Regulation 6(1) of SEBI (LODR) Regulations 2015. Board also noted that there was delay in appointment of Company Secretary as compliance officer due to reasons beyond control of the company. Further it was also noted that the fine amount as stated in the BSE letter was duly paid on 13.02.2020.

This is for your information and record.

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