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Mutual Fund Insight's June issue is out!

Explore what our latest edition covers

Mutual Fund Insight's June issue is out!

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In our fresh-off-the-oven edition, we list the five most-common mutual fund 'strategies' that eventually blow on investors' faces; and how you can evade such landmines to be a successful investor.

Here's what else we are covering in this edition:

  • 10 handpicked growth funds chosen by our analysts
    Want to know which growth funds to invest in? Check out our list of best growth funds. Also learn what the future holds for flexi-cap, large- and mid-cap, and value-oriented funds. Are they poised for a big leap?
  • Taxes aren't always bad
    Ashutosh Gupta explains why tax avoidance shouldn't be the end goal of investing. Also, he suggests that switching from regular to direct plans, while attracting capital gains tax, might actually make financial sense.
  • 'New-age companies have excellent management'
    Read our insightful interview with Neelesh Surana, a seasoned fund manager and the CIO of Mirae Asset Mutual Funds. He reveals which sectors can perform well and why the fund house has increased exposure to new-age companies.
  • Choose the most affordable personal loan
    We did some number-digging because credit cards and regular loans charge very high interest! We scan the personal loan landscape to help you find the most affordable option.
  • Planning to invest in ETFs?
    We have compiled the inaugural ETF scorecard, so you have all the data points to make a smart investment decision.
  • Are millennial women investing more?
    We look at the data from 2019. And the numbers are eye-opening.
  • Shyamali Basu explains why simplicity in investing trumps complexity
  • Ask Value Research
    You ask, we answer. Read the previous month's answers to some of the most interesting investment-related questions asked by you.

Like every other issue, we include a mutual fund scoreboard, insights into the industry, and a list of SIP returns of different funds.

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