Rate hike says hi! | Value Research This week in Laughing Stock, we look at the British pound, Adani slipping to the third spot and the rate hike
Laughing Stock

Rate hike says hi!

This week in Laughing Stock, we look at the British pound, Adani slipping to the third spot and the rate hike

It's that time again, guys! No, not the time for a meme story but time to worry about your portfolio. Why? Well, the RBI just hiked the repo rate again. Now, what will happen? Your loans will get costlier, God bless people who have huge EMIs and your portfolio is going to face an absolute bloodbath. Sensex and Nifty are volatile as of the time of writing this. Also, Adani is not the 2nd richest anymore. This has been entertaining, that's all that can be said.

The LIC has two duties - the first is to sell life insurance policies, which is kinda obvious, and the next is to buy stocks and save companies whenever the government asks to. Anyone who is booing me right now, please tell me why LIC holds 49 per cent stake in IDBI Bank.

The pound has fallen so bad that the UK wants to incorporate East India Company again. One year ago, a pound was equal to Rs 100 and now it's around Rs 90. England players keep forgetting cricket rules too. Man, this is such a bad phase for England.

Some bad decisions were made and we worry about them. That's life in the stock market, especially if you're a trader (not like all long-term investors hold golden stocks)

News flash! Germany is the first country in Europe to actually accept that it is going to be in a recession. More may follow, only God and central banks know.

Yes, what you are reading is correct. Adani is not the 2nd richest anymore. Why so? Well, the stocks betrayed him! Adani Green fell 11 per cent and Adani Transmission fell 17 per cent. He's still the 3rd richest, if it's any consolation.

"Don't buy the product, buy the shares of the company" - bro, if you listen to these guys, then the company will go bankrupt. Like people will keep buying shares? What kind of advice is this?

Another month and another panic. When will normal times return? We don't want a bull run. We are tired. We know what will come after that. So please, give us normal times again.

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