Adani investors on a high | Value Research This week in Laughing Stock, we are looking at Europe’s energy crisis, Nancy Pelosi’s run as the greatest insider trader and Adani’s wealth accumulation
Laughing Stock

Adani investors on a high

This week in Laughing Stock, we are looking at Europe's energy crisis, Nancy Pelosi's run as the greatest insider trader and Adani's wealth accumulation

Adani investors on a high

It's getting boring, honestly. During a bull run, one or the other controversial stock will go up and we can discuss it. During a bear run, we can talk about almost all the stocks. But in markets like this, a sideways market, every stock is stable and has nothing to make fun of. The only group of people having fun right now are Adani group investors. Gautam Adani just became the world's 3rd richest man, thanks to whatever is happening to their stocks. Don't you worry though, we'll keep you entertained nevertheless.

Starbucks recently appointed Laxman Narasimhan as its new CEO. Why did he accept this position? To improve career-wise or to escape the high energy prices in Europe? No one can know.

Whenever you think your electricity bills are going through the roof, just be happy that you are not living in Europe right now.

"PSUs are at an attractive valuation". Yes, they have been attractive forever and have never moved forward.

For those who are wondering what it means: Just yesterday, The US banned chip companies Nvidia and AMD to export to China. Now, what does this have to do with speaker Nancy Pelosi? Well, she is known for her insider trading activities. She had sold her holdings in the companies completely exactly a month before this announcement. Coincidence? Twitter doesn't think so.

India is really in a good place right now and has recovered well, while many countries are struggling. It is the only country with 0 per cent probability of going into a recession. I mean, WOW!

Just take a look at their sequential growth, that's all we have to say. Please do not be fooled by the 325 per cent YoY (year-over-year) growth numbers.

Adani investors are truly blessed. Every analyst says that they are bad stocks and still, they have not stopped rallying. God knows when it will come to an end.

Only if you had a service like Value Research Stock Advisor where instead of picking stocks every quarter, you could invest in our All Weather portfolio and have fun. We don't want to toot our own horns (honestly don't know what this expression even means), but our All Weather portfolio has given 20 per cent returns per annum since launch.

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