Smells like fun stuff | Value Research This week in Laughing Stock, we are looking at Adani’s desire to buy NDTV, whatever the Fed is doing to control inflation and the perils of being a retail trader
Laughing Stock

Smells like fun stuff

This week in Laughing Stock, we are looking at Adani's desire to buy NDTV, whatever the Fed is doing to control inflation and the perils of being a retail trader

Smells like fun stuff

We have been having fun for the last few weeks or even months. The market was playing games with us for most of the year. But recently? Man, we are doing so well. Like, look at the metal index. An index that was giving us a heart attack for six months is one of the best performers of the month of July. The Sun may rise in the west but the memes? They never stop. In a few years, we won't have languages, just meme templates that we show each other :D.

Time and time again, we have emphasised how time in the market is more important than timing the market. Yes, from time to time you may catch a rally but we never know when it will start or end.

This is what the US Fed is trying to do with its inflation reduction bill. Do people even understand basic economics at this point?

We have been laughing for days. What is happening? Adani bhaiya is buying everything. Adani is like 'what if Byju's was a person?' Who knows? Tomorrow Adani group may buy Reliance Industries itself and eliminate all the competition.

Our sincere request to whoever is reading this - please don't believe the numbers and screenshots posted by financial influencers on Twitter, Instagram and Telegram. Don't, just don't. It's for your safety.

Europe has a whole new case. Did you know that they are having an energy crisis? Energy costs have shot up like bad loans in PSU banks. Why? Classic reason. All input commodity prices have doubled, tripled, and quadrupled. We wanted our portfolio to turn multi-bagger, not electricity bills!

Is trading bad? No. In fact, we have adequate liquidity in the market because there are traders and market makers. But if you are a beginner, you ought to be careful. Don't pretend to be a Wall Street legend on your first day.

Homelander says it, you have to listen. Why let external factors ruin your portfolio when you can do it yourself with bad decisions? But we don't want to, do we? Many of us want to invest but don't have enough time or knowledge. What if we tell you that we have a solution? You can subscribe to our stock advisor service - Value Research Stock Advisor. By the time you are reading this, we would have come out with our latest multi-bagger recommendation. Why do we call it multi-bagger? Not because we are trying to fool you but because of the company and industry's prospects. Do it now and you never need to worry about spending hours reading about a company.

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