Ups and downs | Value Research This week in Laughing Stock, we look at the rise of Zomato, the success of Adani stocks and the unfortunate demise of a gem
Laughing Stock

Ups and downs

This week in Laughing Stock, we look at the rise of Zomato, the success of Adani stocks and the unfortunate demise of a gem

Ups and downs

This week was mild and surprising. For people everywhere, this week was a blessing because they only had to work four days (sorry for those who have a six-day work week), and also the market was a bit stable. After facing so much volatility in the last few months, this stability is a much-deserving break for us. This week or August 14 to be precise, we lost one of the greatest investors, if not the greatest investor, that India has ever known - Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. He was an inspiration to many and the biggest supporter of the Indian economy at all times.

Well, whether the market is volatile or not, the memes just keep coming because there's always something to laugh about and learn from.

He really was the King, the Big Bull of India. All we wish was that he had remained a bit longer to see Akasa Air grow. Consider this, making money is important but so is looking after your health. You should be your first priority.

Traders are happy and calm after a long time. Why? No losses finally! Humans have a loss-aversion bias - they regret losses more than they welcome gains. In that way, this week was a blockbuster for them!

WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING TO ZOMATO?! GAWD! This was our reaction when we realised that Zomato is going up like anything. But the share price, still, has not reached the IPO price. So initial investors are still at a loss, so there's that.

Another Breaking Bad template, because why not? A lot of things have happened in the market and lots of changes have happened since the pandemic struck. We witnessed an over-the-top bull run, a war, various disruptions, mega inflation, and now fears of depression. What has remained constant during this time? Adani stocks making money. Just to give you a perspective, Adani Ports is the worst performer of the group in the last two years with returns of 55 per cent per annum. That's it, nothing else.

There are two types of people who support fundamental analysis: The first group has the regular long-term guys who read annual reports, do con calls, and do everything to make decisions. The second group has people who ask everyone else to read annual reports but they themselves buy based on news and tips. These guys are black sheep. Don't be like these guys.

What we are witnessing is truly a great downfall. Just a year ago, we had crypto 'multi-millionaires'. They should have booked profits on those unreliable coins right away but they didn't, they were too arrogant. They held on to it and ultimately lost everything. Remember guys, you should hold stocks for long-term, crypto should not be held at all.

It's like somebody made Nifty angry at 15,000 levels and it wants to prove everyone wrong. No complaints though, we are making money, so that's great. But we hope it moves a bit slowly so that it doesn't go up at rocket speed and falls at lightning speed.

We lost a gem this week and will mourn his passing away with grief but also, just like he taught us, we will forever remain optimistic about the Indian economy and have a long way to go.

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