The market is an enigma | Value Research The stock market can make you laugh or cry, but we know how your reaction is going to be to these memes and jokes
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The market is an enigma

The stock market can make you laugh or cry, but we know how your reaction is going to be to these memes and jokes

This was an excellent week for investors. Except for the realty index, all other indices gave positive returns. We are going to give you shocking news so please hold on to something. Zomato is the best performing stock in the BSE 200 index and the second best performer in the BSE 500 index. Now that is the first shock. There's a bigger shock. Guess which company is the best performer in the BSE 500? It is Spicejet - up 34 per cent. We think investors have confused the words 'malfunction' and 'massive growth'. When we started this meme story series we thought "We will have a few memes in the first two weeks and that's it", but no. Something remarkable and unexpected happens every week and gives us more and more funny stuff to laugh at!

The market is an enigma

Just when Zomato investors started to smile, Uber dropped a bombshell saying they are going to sell their stake, and as of the moment of writing this, the transaction is completed. Good thing is that it is not dumped on the market. Still, Zomato investors have become a bit nervous and are saying "Please, not again. That's enough"

To be honest, this is not just Credit Suisse but the entire global economy. Like what is even happening yaar? *confused look*. For people who don't know, Credit Suisse is a famous financial services company that is down 43 per cent year to date.

The market is an enigma

The repo rate has been hiked by 50 basis points. Now I know some people are confused about 'basis points' (Yes, it's me. No need to point fingers). Just divide the basis points by 100 and ta-da! So it's basically a 0.5 per cent hike. This may not be a big number in general but in the market? Let's just say it will flip it upside down. *starts praying*

One of Warren Buffett's business tenets is not to invest in turnarounds. Why? Because they take a hell lot of work and a long time. Wait, you don't know what are Buffett's business tenets *stares at you*. Read our article here and become a pro.

The market is an enigma

Last year, the market was very liberal. You are a listed company? Here you go, 20 per cent returns. This year? Oh boy, it's brutal. Companies are getting beat left and right, except if you are ITC which is up 43 per cent year to date. How? Here are the reasons.

Many countries are on the verge of recession. Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan made China very angry and threatened to wage a war. Guess what's happening in the market? Happily going up. It's like the market has stopped looking at the news. We especially feel sad for people who decided to short the stocks and bought put options.

There are two things: tax planning and tax evading. Tax planning? Good for you. Completely legal. Tax evading? Still good for you, but very illegal. We highly recommend you do the first one and forget about the second one. Right now you should have filed the tax but if not, do it right away.

The market is an enigma

The biggest flex any investor can have is buying a great stock at its lowest price, that is after all what value investing is, right? For example, if you had bought Sun Pharma three years ago, you would have got 30 per cent returns per annum but what if you had bought it five years ago? Just 13 per cent. The price you buy is important, but be honest. How many of us actually have time to keep monitoring a stock for God knows how long? That's why we have Value Research Stock Advisor. We not only have 50+ stock recommendation but also a readymade portfolio to get you started right away!

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