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To diversify globally, should one invest in flexi-cap funds with foreign allocation?

Ashutosh Gupta suggests how to go about your international allocation

To diversify internationally, should one invest in a flexi-cap fund with some international allocation or go for a separate international equity fund?
- Jyoti Sood

There is no hard and fast rule around it. Certainly, international diversification is desirable. But I'd suggest, for a small investor looking to make investments of about Rs 5,000 or 10,000 a month, it is desirable to keep it simple and maybe invest in a fund that invests a specific portion of its money into international markets. A fund like PPFAS Flexicap Fund can be suitable. But someone looking to make more significant investments every month can consider carving out a separate allocation for international diversification and maybe adding one international equity fund to their portfolio.

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