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What's your advice to a new investor in the present circumstances?

Dhirendra Kumar suggests a mental-investment framework for a novice

What would be your advice to a newbie, considering the current market situation?
- Rajesh

Markets are like this only; they are always scary or at a stage where it looks like they are ready to crumble or you have missed the bus. So, to begin with, plan how much you can save and invest every month. Keep saving and investing for the first three years without looking at the investment value. That's the only way to start because if you try to time your entry and keep waiting for a market fall, it is difficult to do so. When the market starts falling, you end up waiting for the fall to settle down to a level where you can start investing. And that time may never come.

So, get out of this mental framework. Get methodical and start investing. Stop looking at the everyday market movements in the initial phase of your investment.

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