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The Ramco Cements: Award

In National Award for Environmental Best Practices 2022 we are pleased to inform you that Confederation of Indian Industry has awarded our Project - Niskrtih - A Journey of Restoration under the broader title of Biodiversity as Innovative Environmental Project. Niskrtih - Ramcos Mine Restoration Project : The project envisages a total of 800 acres and out of this in around 350 acres we have created a natural self-sustaining eco system and* Enriched the diversity of flora and fauna* More than 3 lakh plants have been planted comprising of more than 250 species * Harvested more than 30 000 KL rain water during rainy season* Preserved & developed Native & endangered plants like Adonsonia digitata Albizia lathami Salvadora persica * Created an Education Centre for school/ college students unique in nature* Created Employment opportunity to nearby village people* Being utilized for Training programs for Forest officials all over India

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