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Karvy Stock Broking says my shares are robbed. What should I do?

Immediately register your complaint with SEBI on SCORES website, recommends Dhirendra Kumar

I am a 76-year-old senior citizen. My broker, Karvy Stock Broking, has put all my Stocks in the power of attorney account. Many shares like Seshasayee Paper worth 3 lac, they say, have been pilfered by NSDL. What should I do?
- Savita Devi

Immediately file a complaint with SEBI with all the details of your demat account and make this claim that without your knowledge, these shares have been stolen. The investigation regarding the matter is on and SEBI will make sure to resolve it. It has gone about resolving the issues of many of the investors so far. However, lodge your complaint with SEBI immediately through its system available on a website called SCORES where you can provide all the details regarding the demat account, names of the shares, etc. I am hopeful that these cases will get resolved.

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