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Is this the right time to invest in Sovereign gold bonds?

The best time to invest in gold would have been a year ago, thinks Dhirendra Kumar

Will this be the right time to invest in Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGBs)?
- Verma

Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGBs) are the finest gold investment avenue. If you want to invest in gold in a financial way, this could be a better way. But I don't think it is a great time to invest in gold bonds. The best time to buy anything of gold was a year ago. Also, gold is no longer a stable asset class as it used to be. Gold also falls in value. There are periods when gold prices decline. There was a time about a year ago, when returns of gold for a period of five-seven years were turning out to be even less than those of a liquid fund. And it is not a productive asset. So, don't think of it as an investment but yes, it is good as a store of value. Gold actually goes up when we are extremely nervous about everything to do with the market or economy but it comes down as well.

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