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Will free features on 'My Investments' be withdrawn once the Premium service is launched?

Following the launch of the Premium service, all features essential to a common investor would remain free. Only the value-added ones would be a part of the Premium service, informs Dhirendra Kumar

Please explain how to read 'My Investments' once I upload the CAMS statement. It is getting duplicated. Following the launch of your Premium service, will the free services that are available now be withdrawn?
- B Satyandra

To answer your first question regarding how to read 'My Investment', well just upload your portfolio. If you face any duplication issue, delete all your portfolios, get a fresh CAMS statement and upload it. Once you do that, I think it's pretty self-explanatory. The first default view on 'My Investments' is the 'Dashboard' where you get your asset allocation, how much money you have invested, how much the appreciation is, what percentage of your investment has Gains/Losses, getting your asset allocation in terms of equity, debt, cash and commodity. So, all these details you get on the 'Dashboard'.

There is an 'Overview' section which gives you a list of all your investments and their performance. Here you can get a detailed view of the specific return of each of your investments, which is based on your SIPs and also redemptions. Also, you get to see the internal rate of return i.e. the compounded annual return on your series of investments over time. Then, you get into the 'Analysis View' where you get in-depth details about all the things that are there on the 'Dashboard'. Then, you get a capital gains statement in the 'Tax' section. If you want to check your transactions, you have the 'Transactions' history tab.

So, do it all over again. I think it would solve your confusion about duplication. While uploading it, things may have been uploaded twice or maybe one without a PAN number. If you upload statements twice, the transactions don't get duplicated simply because, we look at that PAN number with each and every transaction and only the incremental transactions, i.e. whatever transactions that have happened subsequent to your last upload, get uploaded. Any transaction, which already exists, doesn't get duplicated. So, ideally, it should not have happened, but I don't know your specific situation in which these got duplicated.

To answer the second question, following the launch of our Premium service, none of the things that are available for free today will be priced. There'll be a small possibility of some small features, which are primarily used by professional investors and are currently available free of cost on our website, will become part of the Premium version. But 'My Investment' and all the related features that you see right now, for example the 'Gain-Loss' view, the 'Snapshot' view, etc., will remain free. All the value-added things, including portfolio recommendation which would be customised to your needs, features like the best portfolio to invest in and a quick view on the quality of your existing investments, etc. would be part of the Premium service.

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